Random rumors, legends, and tales

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Random rumors, legends, and tales

Postby Mawdorn » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:18 pm

Here is a simple way to provide your players with information, legends, rumors, and other tidbits regarding the Wilderlands. This randomizer can be used a thousand different ways and has proven most helpful. Recently our group beseeched a god to help them, in exchange they agreed to a quest. Using the method below, the god demanded they seek the warren of the Lice Itch Orcs, in the foothills east of Hel. There they needed to secure a pair of golden wings and return it to the temple. Hopefully other great uses will come to mind.

How it works:
roll 1d20 to determine which chapter to consult, with 19 equaling the Frozen Waste as presented in Fight On! and 20 being Blackmoor

Next roll a 1d6 and subtract one, record the result
then roll a 1d10 and record the result
the roll 3d12 and subtract 2 and record the result

Now you should have the chapter to consult from the boxed set, and the hex number. From there, scan the entries nearest the number you rolled to find one that suits your purpose. Done! Have fun!
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