Stand-in Cities for those yet unpublished

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Stand-in Cities for those yet unpublished

Postby Snoring Rock » Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:32 pm

Hey, I know this may get beat up, but I have lots of city supplements that are yet unused. I want to plug them into the Wilderlands but I am not sure I like fiddling with populations. So I have the Lost City of Barackus as a stand in for Warwik. About the same population, just need to add a small river.

Here is another: Valon. I was thinking of using Streets of Silver (Parma). The population however is 90,000 which makes it larger than CSIO. I have to think about how that effects the CSIO or even nearby Tarsh. It is a great stand-in with a feeling of Venice and all. It just seems a wee bit big. I have Glanri. I know other folks have used the downtown district for the entire city. Any other ideas? I could use Bards Gate for Tarsh.

How about Tula?

How close do you keep populations to original material in the published setting? Does it matter you? Does it really effect politics? Do the players even notice?
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Re: Stand-in Cities for those yet unpublished

Postby ffilz » Tue Jun 16, 2015 6:20 pm

I don't think I've tried placing other published cities in the Wilderlands, but I have always wondered how to use all the neat cities I have...

Considering how for the most part, the locales in the Wilderlands seem independent (mostly because of the extremely sparse detail), I think messing with any of those details will do little damage to the setting. I think the main thing would be to avoid placing a city that is objectively larger than CSIO, CSWE, or Tarantis to close to any of those cities. I would note however, that publishers may use different criteria for determining population of their cities, so I would do more of a comparison of the maps, does some publisher's city map LOOK like it's a bigger city than one of the JG published cities? If so, put it far enough away that it doesn't overshadow the JG published city. Beyond that, I would look for match in climate, geography, and culture (to the extent that those can be determined).

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Re: Stand-in Cities for those yet unpublished

Postby Mawdorn » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:11 pm

Because I don not possess the original map for Viridistand, though I do have the books, I am using the original Lankhmar instead. I am Using Tarracina Port for Targnol Port (it's an unauthorized version of Targnol anyway and is really cool). Also, I use Haven for Warwick, Golotha from Harn for Modron (I actually combined the location descriptions and have the Harmakhians running the show instead of the Morgathians). Also, I have plugged in countless Harn settlements, just changing the inhabitants racially to give them all a Wilderlands flavor. They all work pretty well.
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