Wilderlands: how you changed it and reasoning

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Wilderlands: how you changed it and reasoning

Postby Thunderhold » Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:45 pm

I have followed with interest the changes and adaptations that James Mishler and Robert Conley have done to the original JG maps. This is not only for these two but anyone who has made mods to the original maps. Why the changes and the reasoning behind them. For those getting into mapping and modifying your world pointers from others would be great. :ugeek:
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Re: Wilderlands: how you changed it and reasoning

Postby robertsconley » Thu May 01, 2014 7:59 pm

The major change for my version was changing the scale from 5 miles per hex to 12.5 miles per hex around the late 80s. This was prompted by comments from my players on how short the distances seems to be, in particular a journey from City-State to Viridistan.

I picked 12.5 miles because that what Columbia Game's Harn maps were scaled at. I could use Harn as a reference to eyeball how far part to place things on the expanded maps.

12.5 miles happens to be 5 leagues with 1 league equal to 1 hour of walking on clear terrain. So each hex took five hours to cross.

Finally my original maps were wearing out. So I laminated them and took some really big hex mapping paper and drew myself some new ones.
Back then home computers weren't capable enough to handle the graphics work of mapping. So starting in 1986 I drew a series of maps like this one.


And I redrew the City-State as well


Which became the basis for the first serious computer map I ever drew.


The below show my current state of the art. Before I got "sidetracked" on helping with the kickstarter project I was in the middle of doing a map of the Main Campaign Area of the Majestic Wilderlands. Below is a small portion that I finished for a campaign.

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Re: Wilderlands: how you changed it and reasoning

Postby Thunderhold » Sat May 03, 2014 4:29 am

Thanks Robert Conley, I have seen some of your material on various internet sites and I am glad to see your input here at this site. What I have been able to see of your vision of Wilderlands has been interesting and intriguing. I too have run into the same issue with my players about the distance. I have used in the past a 15 mile per hex so that traveling by foot would be a hex per day. I had to turn the scale of the .2 mile hexes to .6 mile hexes when it came to items like Mines of C.. I am getting to do a major project for myself of putting the Wilderlands Maps on some form of computer mapping, though I find CC3 has some interesting options I am unsure that is my best route. I will have to check out your BlogSpot to get ideas for my own history and maps. I have made the Philosophers VS Pius war and it's repercussions a major reason why so few nation states but instead city states and why full pantheons are not are not represented in various areas but one sees one or only a couple of deities of a particular sect.
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Re: Wilderlands: how you changed it and reasoning

Postby Baron » Sat May 03, 2014 2:13 pm

So the OP is asking about changing the maps. While I wrote reams of additional information about my campaign world, I didn't actually change the maps themselves. I had those great, lovely maps, so I wasn't about to change them; I even had them laminated. But one thing I did that may be relevant is that I added the Dwarven and Elven Lands from Mayfair onto the western edge of the map. Oh, and I guess I changed the name and description of one of the cities on the coast of the Desert Lands, so I could place Sanctuary there. And I set the main continent of Middle Earth on the opposite side of the globe.
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Re: Wilderlands: how you changed it and reasoning

Postby monocules » Sun Dec 07, 2014 6:04 am

Our group uses 5 leagues per hex rather than 5 miles, just for have more wilderness.

If the Gigabolt mountains are only 100 miles from the Viridistan, I think you might see a few Dragon raids. The Winedark sea is about 100 miles across, a good sailing ship clipping along at 5-6 knots would need less than a day to cross the ocean. Also, I think just about any land hex is a few hours from an Inn. The d20 Wind Walk spell was a problem, increase size helped out.
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