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FOR or Fortification as an Attribute - Bob's 1975

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:29 pm
by Maed Makistikator
This is Bob Bledsaw's original draft for the proposed Character Attribute (or stat) - FORTIFICATION.
This is lifted from his personal 1975 Campaign Notes Book. As CON is to STR (or physical ability),
Bob suggested FOR to act as a modifier to magic ability. The question remains, why did he omit the
idea from the JG Universal System he created in the cold Winter of 1981? - Bob Bledsaw II

Diameter Damage or
Size Intensity Range Duration
Flame 1" 1 1" 1R
Pyro 3" 0 3" 3R
Wall 5" 1 5" 5R
Prot. 6" 0 6 6R
Heat Water 1" 1 3" 1R
Heat Stone 1" 1 3" 1R
Heat Metal 1" 1 3" 1R
Any type of practice will increase Fortitude. Practice is the actual performance of an action.
The performance need not be successful to be beneficial to Fortification.

FORTITUDE - Determines level of intensity and duration of spells.
Anyone using 100% of their Fortitude drops into a coma for 1 - 100 days and will eventually
die unless revived (see Revival). The intensity and duration of a spell is determined by multiplying
the basic intensity by the caster's Fortitude. Fortitude can be used to increase the diameter size,
damage, range or duration of a spell by merely expending Fortitude (points). All spells have an
initial size, damage range and duration of zero (inches, points, feet, and rounds).
For example; a caster wishing to throw a fire ball 6" in diameter forty
feet causing 10 points of damage for three rounds of duration must expend 6 + 40 + 10 + 3,
or 59 points of Fortitude.

Re: FOR or Fortification as an Attribute - Bob's 1975

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:31 pm
by Maed Makistikator
Sorry Folks, the stat table did not carry over on the board well. :|