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Gen Con 2014

PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2014 12:51 pm
by Snoring Rock
Anyone planning to be at GenCon this year? Event registration begins this Sunday. I have two games on the events list. The first is Thursday at 7pm and the second is on Saturday at 7pm. I have written an adventure for 6 - 16th level adventurers to march from Thunderhold to the Majestic Fastness to do battle with the Red Wyrm, Analegorn and his young.

The game system I am using is Castles and Crusades. If you are not familiar, check it out at Troll Lord Games. If you like old-school style play then this is for you. I have only 6 seats for each game so they may fill up fast. Do not lament however, for I will be willing to run the scenario multiple times throughout the convention. I will also have Tegel Manor materials in hand and will be running that off the grid on Friday night.

If you are interested in these off the grid games, contact me at: ckell at charter dot net. I will pass along my cell number and can keep you updated at the convention with times and locations. There will be some great Judges Guild goodness this year. If you have any requests; Caverns of Thracia, 5 Level Dungeon under the City State, Thieves if Badabaskor, etc., let me know I can arrange to run those as well.

See you at GenCon 2014 :P