Where and when in Middle-earth was Bob Bledsaw's campaign?

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Where and when in Middle-earth was Bob Bledsaw's campaign?

Postby geoffrey » Wed May 07, 2014 9:48 pm

Middle-earth is of course a big place. Where in Middle-earth was Bob Bledsaw's campaign set? Did the players go all over the map found in The Lord of the Rings? Or did they stay solely in one general area? Or did they spend most of their time in one general area, and only occasionally leave that neck of the woods? Etc.

Also, when was the campaign set? Before The Hobbit? Between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings? After The Lord of the Rings?
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Re: Where and when in Middle-earth was Bob Bledsaw's campaig

Postby Maed Makistikator » Tue May 27, 2014 11:13 pm

Geoffrey -

Very good questions, and I am glad you asked!

I know that Bob I had placed a magical door in Arnor near Weathertop which allowed his Middle Earth campaign into the Wilderlands.
As for what time-period in Middle Earth he chose is unknown to me, but I do have notes from it where the party had approached the Black Gate,
survived Moria (he had drawn out many, many levels for at city), adventured past Carrock, into Mirkwood and the Iron Hills.

Unless I am wrong, (and I am speculating here on what I have of his notes) it seems the party formed (or made landfall) in Belfalas, a quick
trip to Minas Tirith got them charged with a mission by the King of Gondor, and the party set out in much the reverse path of the Fellowship,
entering Moria from the South after the encounter at the Black Gate. He has notes on Dol Guldur, and seemed to spend some time shaping the
Necromancer character there, as well. (He spoke several times of wanting using the Dol Guldur Necromancer witch-king for different purposes).

In his personal maps, he had extended Middle Earth to the east past Rhun, and included Far-Harad, the south-eastern jungle-realm of giant Elephants.
He also mapped out strongholds for Dian's folk in the Iron Hills, will several dungeon-levels there too.

Hopefully, some of those fellows who actually played in the original party (Marc Summerlott, Craig Fogel, the honorable Bill Owen, and others) will see this and
ante-up some memories of the grand adventure here. I would like to see this important era in Guild history fleshed by those who actually played in it.

- Bob II
- Bob Bledsaw II
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