Side Trek: The Flatterer (levels 4-5)

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Side Trek: The Flatterer (levels 4-5)

Postby Aggamemnon » Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:15 pm

Background: The Town of Didsby is missing animals and now Redgar, the smith's son. An Ettin has moved in and started
raiding nearby. Traders are not coming in, and with the missing animals, Winter will be harsh. The village leaders
offer "much rewards" for the party to eliminate the threat. Stanric offers more, for the return of his son.

The ettin has set up a home in a large-ish cave, north west of town, about 8 miles out. She is young, and looking for a
mate. The ettin herself only ranges about 5 miles, avoiding the town itself, but raiding outlying farms. Greta is the
aggressor, and generally runs things, but Betta is the romantic, and is responsible for Redgar being alive. Redgar,
level 2 bard, has used flattery to keep himself alive so far. The ettin knows he is just trying to save his life, but
they like the attention. this would continue until either Redgar makes a mistake, and is eaten, or an acceptable male
ettin joins the fray.

The cave is 12 feet across, at the opening, and 20 feet deep. Redgar is tied up on a ledge, otherwise uninjured.
If the party approaches with weapons drawn, or otherwise aggressive, the ettin will immediately attack, throwing large
rocks and bones at the party (dex roll to avoid, 2D6 damage each round that hits). Otherwise, Greta can be negotiated
with. She will accept an offer of a suitable male ettin (unlikely, but perhaps the party can convince her to leave for
another area) or she will trade Redgar for 6 cows, 20 sheep, or some combination thereof. Getting the items is up to
the party, remember that the area is low on animals now, and this does not get rid of the underlying problem, the
hungry ettin herself. Any sense on the ettin's part that the party is trying to cheat her, causes her to attack. She can be negotiated into leaving,
but any place she goes will


As above, if Greta feels that the party is aggressive, she will rain down large-ish rocks and bones, within 40 feet of
the cave entrance. Dex roll to avoid, take 2D6 damage if hit, each round that the PC is hit.
have the same problem Didsby has now.
Once close, Greta has a large club, made of bone, which she hits with 1D8+4 damage, two attacks per round.
If she take 70% damage, she will attempt to flee down the hill. there is a 30% chance she will come back looking for
round two in a few days. If so, she attacks the town, at night.

Betta just cries during the fight.


If successful in killing or driving off the Ettin, there is little treasure to be had. a recent merchant caravan was
clearly attacked, leaving some gold (550g) and a small chest, with 3 gems worth 100-300g each, and 8 pouches of spices,
worth 10-50g each. Dropped on the floor of the cave, amongst the filth is a Ring of +1 dexterity. Only found if
searched for, directly.

When the party returns to Didsby, they are recieved as great heroes, but no reward is forthcoming, except from Stanric,
who will repair their armor for free, and present them with a gold ring worth 200g, and a scroll of cure light wounds.
If unsuccessful, there is a 30% chance the townsfolk will blame the party for all that has happened, despite it
starting before they got there. If the ettin is driven off, but returns to attack at night, there is a 100% chance the
party will be blamed. If Redgar is saved, no matter what happens to the ettin, Stanric will be grateful.


Stanric Fighter LGN Friendly
LVL 3.2 STR 16 INT 11
HTK 22 DEX 11 WIS 14
SPD 20' CON 16 CHA 9
WPN Hammer ATK 1D6+2
ARM Chain Shirt ACL 14
SPC Blacksmith

Redgar Bard NGN Friendly
LVL 2.1 STR 11 INT 11
HTK 13 DEX 16 WIS 12
SPD 20' CON 15 CHA 13
WPN Dagger ATK 1D4+1
ARM Leather ACL 12
SPC Diplomacy/Negotiation

Marklin Rogue LEN Impartial
LVL 5.1 STR 9 INT 16
HTK 24 DEX 15 WIS 12
SPD 20' CON 10 CHA 14
WPN Knife ATK 1D3+2
ARM Clothes ACL 12
SPC Mayor/Diplomacy

Betta/Greta LGN Hostile
LVL 5.1 STR 19 INT 7
HTK 38 DEX 11 WIS 11
SPD 20' CON 18 CHA 6
WPN Club ATK 1D8+4 x2
ARM Chain Shirt ACL 14
SPC Blacksmith
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